Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!!
(Happy Mother's Day!!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will have a quiet day today. I have the sheep to attend to and the chickens....other than that I don't have anything I have to do!! Button is on a Jeep run today with a friend of ours. If it weren't for the watching of the animals, I would be on it as well. But next time I will!!

Enjoy YOUR day!! It is a beautiful day in which we can be thankful that we have the chance to experience it. Happy day to you!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Humor

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Is Coming!

I hope everyone has a good Easter celebration this Sunday. I don't have any plans that I know of. (Next weekend is a different story though!) We will be running errands on Saturday, but Sunday...who knows? It would be nice to get a big ham and cook it up with pineapple etc and get the house smelling good! Maybe that is when we are gonna dye the eggs! We do have some dye to have some fun with! And, maybe I can put up my hummingbird feeder that I finally got. I have been wanting one for a long long time and I finally bought myself one! I love those little birds...they are so awesome to watch. Whatever you decide to do in your world...make it good and eat an egg or two!! Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Day After Green Day!

In other words...happy day after St Patty's Day!! I'm still enjoying the left over corned beef and cabbage today. Oh god, it was SOOOO GOOOOOD. So very tender and delicious! Too bad it goes so quickly...won't be any left after tomorrow...maybe not after tonight!!

My youngest granddaughter was 2 yesterday...yes she is a St Patty baby!! No, her name is not's Alyssa!! What a doll she is! Here is a pic of the little angel:

Now don't you agree with me? She is so precious!

Yes, I'm sure I'm one of the last ones to switch over to the new blogger! I have finally done it though...guess I will stick around here for a little bit. Maybe if I'm really lucky I will post more often even!!

Have a grand day/week...leave me a message...let me know you've been here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Wow, it has really been too too long hasn't it? I have GOT to be the last person to switch to the new blogger! i STILL haven't switched and i think if i don't next time i log in it won't allow me to post! This was a grace login! go figure!

well, anyway, i was really inspired by my daughter to even get back here at this time. so much has been going on since my last posts. i didn't really think anyone really cared anyway. but when i know my blog is being read etc, it makes all the difference. i told my daughter sheree about my blog and she checked it out and let me know. result? it made me come back and read some of my posts. what a trip that was!! sometimes its good to reflect back on the past things. sometimes its not! but it was really trippy to me to read back and know now how things have come about since those particular posts....well....its really something. good things and bad. happy things and sad. thats just the way it is sometimes. could be scary.

at any rate...sheree...thank you hunny. i dunno really how long i might keep this blog going. i might switch...or add to...or keep it here...i dunno yet. at least im thinking about it now!

exciting news about my son ronnie. things have come through and he has been given approval (if thats the word for it) to be able to move home! he is going to be able to move out of the nursing home! he has mixed feelings, and i understand that really. he is going to miss his really good friend john that he cares for tremendously. he will miss some of his aides/nurses etc. but, he will be closer to the rest of his family though, and it will be easier for them to visit with him. there are some positive things about it as well. keep remembering him as changes are soon in store for him and he is a little apprehensive about it all. its good though, and he knows that....just a little fearful of the unknown ahead of him. just like we all would be if we were in this position.

so much i would like to write about...but just cant do it at this time. i guess i will have to upgrade to the new blogger and keep it going eh? lol i will have to upgrade to let you know even!!

leave a comment...let me know you visit here...that is what keeps one going ya know?

thanks sheree...i love you hunny...give alyssa a kiss and hug from grandma!!

i had to come back and say.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY oldest daughter, my first born is 29 today. i talked with her tonight and wished her a happy birthday. i love you very much jessica....more than you may realize.


STILL SMOKE FREE!!!!! both of us are....VERY happy about it too...but yet at times it is still hard. way hard. but...have yet to give in to the temptation or craving. i dont want to blow it now.

Monday, February 05, 2007


...still smoke free
...still happy about it

back from Louisiana...maybe will post some new pics sometime soon
not sure
will see

sometimes life sucks

until next time...
...later on

Saturday, December 02, 2006

No Smoking!!

That's is a no smoking area for me now!! I am hear me?...happy to report that it is now on the 11th day for me to be a non smoker!! On November 21st was the last day that I was a smoker! I am very proud of myself and I want to never go back to those cigarattees. Several times before I have quit just to start back again as time passed. However, this time it was/is much harder for me to quit. I really think that if I were to start back again this time, that there would be no quitting again. I really don't want to be addicted to those things the rest of my life. So this's final. I am a non smoker! How did/am I doing it? Cold Turkey I tell you. Cold Turkey at the Turkey time of year!! What a hard time to do it...but then again...anytime is a hard time to do it. It takes a made up mind and strong determination to do it and tons of will power. It is hard. Very hard. At times, I just want a cigarette....but I am happy to say that I have not given in to the habit. My body is free of the nicotine addiction itself now, but the habit...that is a different story. The habit is what is difficult to break. The desire for the cigarette goes away within about 10-20 minutes but the habit...that's the hard part! After a meal.....driving....watching tv.......working on the pc......having a drink......the list could just go on and on. But.....I have made a decision....I have made a choice....and I am just stubborn enough to stick with it! Congratulations to me!! Way to go girlfriend. Keep it up.

Oh and yes.....Button is right along here with me. I am so very proud of her. We are BOTH smoke free since November 21, 2006. We have a great life ahead of us to live girl....let's live it to the fullest!!!

Tip Of The Day

Newspaper Weeds Away
Start putting in your plants, work the nutrients in your soil. Wet newspapers: put layers around the plants overlapping as you go, cover with mulch and forget about weeds. Weeds will get through some gardening plastic, they will not get through wet newspapers!!